Vorgeschichte zu Enthauptung wirft Fragen auf // "CIA did it to take the heat off the Pentagon" -- NBC reporter

von G.Lange » Freitag, 14. Mai 2004

Vorgeschichte zu Enthauptung wirft Fragen auf

Donnerstag 13. Mai 2004, 13:45 Uhr

Mossul (AP) Die Vorgeschichte zur Enthauptung des Amerikaners
Nicholas Berg in Irak wirft weiterhin Fragen auf. Der Polizeichef
der Stadt Mossul wies am Donnerstag Angaben der US-Streitkräfte
zurück, wonach seine Beamten den 26-Jährigen Ende März festgenommen
hätten. Bergs Familie hatte den US-Streitkräften vorgeworfen, den
jungen Mann bis zum 6. April gefangen gehalten und damit seine
Ausreise aus Irak verhindert zu haben. Die Website, auf der das
Video von Bergs Enthauptung zu sehen war, wurde am Donnerstag wegen
Überlastung gesperrt.

Unstrittig ist, dass die US-Streitkräfte über Bergs Inhaftierung
vom 24. bis 6. April informiert waren. Das FBI habe den Radio-
techniker drei Mal besucht «und festgestellt, dass er in keinerlei
kriminelle oder terroristische Aktivitäten verwickelt war», sagte
Militärsprecher Dan Senor am Mittwoch.

Wie am Donnerstag aus US-Militärkreisen verlautete, galt Berg wegen
seines Verhaltens - er bewegte sich in der Regel ohne Begleitung
mit Taxis durch Irak - als verdächtig. Zudem habe der 26-Jährige
Schriften mit «judenfeindlicher Tendenz» bei sich gehabt, sagte ein
US-Offizier, der nicht genannt werden wollte. Berg war allerdings
selbst Jude. Der Offizier bekräftigte, dass die Festnahme durch die
irakische Polizei erfolgt sei. Dagegen erklärte der Polizeichef von
Mossul, Mohammed Chair el Barhaui: «Die irakische Polizei hat den
getöteten Amerikaner nie festgenommen.»

Bergs Familie hatte am 5. April vor einem Gericht in Philadelphia
Klage gegen seine Inhaftierung eingereicht. Einen Tag später wurde
der 26-Jährige freigelassen und nahm sich in Bagdad ein Hotelzimmer,
wo er nach Angaben von Angestellten bis zum 10. April blieb. An
diesem Tag bot die US-Botschaft Berg nach Angaben des Außenmi-
nisteriums in Washington einen Flug nach Jordanien an, was dieser
jedoch ablehnte. Am Dienstag wurde das Video mit Bergs Enthauptung
auf einer islamischen Website veröffentlicht.

Die Zahl der Zugriffe auf die Website stieg daraufhin so stark an,
dass sie am Donnerstag wegen Überlastung des Servers gesperrt wurde.
Der zuständige Provider mit Sitz in Malaysia erklärte, man sei
sich über den Inhalt der Domain namens Al Ansar bis dahin gar nicht
bewusst gewesen. «Wir haben nichts mit El Kaida zu tun», sagte
Alfred Lim von der Firma Acme Commerce. «Wir haben keine Kontrolle
darüber, was unsere Kunden auf ihre Websites stellen.» Der Provider
wolle den Betreiber der Website nun anzeigen.

* * *

"CIA did it to take the heat off the Pentagon" -- NBC reporter

Wed May 12, 2004 23:17

"...the CIA did it to take the heat off the Pentagon"--NBC reporter
stated tonight prime time news, continuing, "...a story that will
not die easily here in the Arab world".

NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw, May 12th

Thus said the reporter from NBC News already "innoculating" the
public against this reasonable "conspiracy theory" being promulgated
by more questioning minds in both America and overseas. BUT IT MAKES

The previous article posted, "Fishy Circumstances and Flawed
Timelines" is worth reading, especially the numbered observations
at the close of the article. But there is more to add:

1. Both Drudge and Aljazeera report that "??A body found on Monday
by US military patrol along a roadside over the weekend was
identified as Berg's."


Note the confused reporting in this direct quote, "on Monday",
"over the weekend", by US military patrol. Was it found on Monday
or over the weekend--which one? Does this make sense to anyone? Or
was someone scrambling a press release (in panic) of wording that
was hastily contrived, and uncertain themselves about how the
facts would compare to the report. VAGUE TIMING BEGS THE QUESTION,

Secondly, how was the body identified as "Berg's", if it was
headless? Or was it? How do you quickly identify a body without
a head?

Third, WHO were the U.S. forces that found it? Were they the
same ones involved in his illegal detention?

2. Here is the smoking gun: If the body was found on Monday (May
10th), or previously "over the weekend" (prior), how could the
execution and video be taped on May 11th, as is reported?

"The statement in the video was signed off with Zarqawi's name
and dated 11 May" (Drudge and Aljazeerah).

An Arab magic trick indeed...to be able to execute a man on
video tape ("May 11"), AFTER HIS BODY IS FOUND BY US FORCES,
on "May 10th"!!!!! The video is not the only thing that
appears fuzzy!!

3. The video was dated May 11th, typical Judeo-Masonic (CIA/MOSSAD)
signature and M.O., like 9/11, and the recent 3/11 in Spain.
Sorry, there is an M.O. to this "terrorism" that matches that
of government psy-ops! Funny how they never mention the obvious
pattern of dating isn't it? And the "terroists" signed his name
to the video, though they wore hoods and masks! (Why?)

4. Berg's father filed law suit against the illegal detention of
their son....and, bingo, he was released the next day (but not
very popular we can be certain)!

"His father, Nick, filed a lawsuit on 5 April stating Berg was
being held illegally by the US military in Iraq. The next day
Berg was released." Aljazeera and Drudge

5. The Guatanamo Bay type US issue prison suit is very suspicious!
Either he was handed over to the alleged "terrorists" in
it--meaning US forces complicity to rid them of an American
"dissident"--or the executions are Government--i.e. CIA
(well-fed, lily white hands, hooded...but leaving the name of
the executioner?)!

6. According to the video clock notations in the film, the
"execution" took place between 13:46 and 13:47....apparently
around 1:46 to 1:47 pm. Why is the video time not in Arabic?
Do Arabs use military time?
< http://www.drudgereport.com/iiraq3.htm >

7. "God is great".....typical propaganda to libel militant Muslim
jihaders with the crime, while they have lily white hands,
their victim in US issue prison clothes, and video time in US
military English!

8. The TIMING of this event being reported to the American public,
on May 11th evening (note how quickly this went to full-blown
news coverage by 6:30pm EDT on the very day of the execution......
fast......and conveniently. Even MORE remarkable is how this was
reported to Congress (not sure when) during WORK HOURS IN SESSION,
precisely as the Pentagon, Rumsfeld, etc., were being grilled,
and Senators were investigation the horrific prisoner abuse, and

Is that a credible timetable WITHOUT government involvement?
The 9/11 "hijackers" were not even identified for a couple
days....but this one is instantly solved, and we are expected
to swallow it whole without choking!

8. The pattern of US government information, from Bush, the
Pentagon, Jessica Lynch, justification for Iraq, the "911"
ENDS!!! So why should ANYONE believe this!!

This is the most inaccurate combination of facts of any realistic
scenario of an execution and identification of who did it--
contrived in panic and haste to deflect the outcoming of literal
"war crimes" by US forces--that would not be sustained in any
court of law, except that of the naive and brainwashed American
mind, that has a Yankee flag wrapped around its eyes and ears!


One more piece below, by Andrea Mitchell of NBC, how not just the
Army, but Special Forces and the ever-present CIA were ALL involved
in the gross abuses and deaths of Iraqi prisoners, in this bogus

May 6: As the investigation into the prison abuse scandal expands,
there are new indications it reaches beyond the Army. NBC's Andrea
Mitchell has details.

NBC Nightly News

Delta Force, Navy SEALs involved in abuse?
By Andrea Mitchell
NBC News

Updated: 6:15 p.m. ET May 06, 2004As the investigation expands,
officials tell NBC News that special operations forces, including
both Delta Force and Navy SEALs, were possibly also involved in
abusing prisoners in Iraq.

In fact, one prisoner, Mon Adel al Jamadi, died while being
interrogated in Abu Ghraib by a CIA officer last November,
shortly after being captured by Navy SEALs. Al Jamadi was
being questioned about a plot to attack U.S. forces with
plastic explosives.

An autopsy revealed al Jamadi had broken ribs and had been "badly
beaten." His CIA interrogator has told investigators the prisoner
was injured before he was turned over to the CIA - something the
Navy denies.

In a second case, the CIA is being investigated for the death of
Iraqi Gen. Abed Hamed Mowhoush near the Syrian border, also last
November. The CIA says he died several days after they questioned

A third CIA prisoner died last June in Afghanistan - also after a
severe beating.

Did the CIA or other intelligence agencies tell the guards to get
the prisoners to talk? According to former CIA officer Robert Baer,
"I can't believe that those MPs knew enough about Arab culture to
systematically do this.. Somebody prompted them."

Intelligence officials deny directing the abuse. But the Army's
investigation said military intelligence and "other government
agencies" - the Army's code for the CIA, Defense Intelligence
Agency and special operations forces, "actively requested that
MP guards set physical and mental conditions for favorable
interrogation of witnesses."

The general who was in charge of the prison says it got out of hand.
Brig. Gen. Janis Karpinski remembers, "They said, `Hey, that worked
pretty well.' They told us to take the clothes away from those six
prisoners, and nobody seemed to think that that was wrong, so let's
take clothes away from 12 of them."

Now the CIA confirms that some of its officers hid prisoners
from watchdog groups like the Red Cross - violations also under

© 2004 MSNBC Interactive

* * *

US hostage beheaded

A video running on an Islamist website has shown the apparent
beheading of an American hostage in Iraq.

A poor quality videotape on Tuesday showed five masked men sawing
off the head of the bound hostage, dressed in orange Guantanamo
Bay style overalls, after pushing him off a white plastic chair in
a bare room.

"My name is Nick Berg, my father's name is Michael - I have a
brother and sister, David and Sarah," said the bound man, adding
he was from Philadelphia.

Body identified

A body found on Monday by US military patrol along a roadside
over the weekend was identified as Berg's.

One of the masked men read a statement saying the killing was
revenge against abuse and humiliation of Iraqi prisoners carried
out by US guards at Baghdad's Abu Ghraib prison.

"For the mothers and wives of American soldiers, we tell you that
we offered the US administration to exchange this hostage with
some of the detainees in Abu Ghraib and they refused," the statement

"So we tell you that the dignity of the Muslim men and women in
Abu Ghraib and others is not redeemed except by blood and souls.
You will not receive anything from us but coffins after coffins -
slaughtered in this way," the men said.

The video showed the five men shouting "God is greatest" as one of
them cut off 26-year-old Berg's head, drowning his screams.

Horrifying resemblance

The killing resembled the murder of US reporter Daniel Pearl,
beheaded by Islamists in Pakistan who claimed he was a spy.

The website said Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, a top ally of al-Qaida leader
Usama bin Ladin, was the man who cut off Berg's head. The statement
in the video was signed off with Zarqawi's name and dated 11 May.

The White House reacted angrily to the video of the killing, saying
the killers would not be spared.

"This shows the true nature of the enemies of freedom," White House
spokesman Scott McClellan said. "We will pursue those responsible
and bring them to justice."

US State Department officials said Berg was a private citizen not
associated with a military contract.

Berg had been missing for several weeks. He was last heard from on
9 April when he telephoned his parents. He said he was trying to
find a safe way home after failing to find work as an independent
communications contractor.

Parents' outrage

The grieving parents of Berg had complained their son could have
been alive if he had not been held for nearly two weeks by Iraqi
police and said they were angry at the lack of information from
the US government about his detention.

Berg had been detained without charge by Iraqi police from 24 March
to 6 April, after being stopped at a checkpoint in Mosul.

His parents felt he would have returned home had he not been
detained. He planned to return home by March-end, but his plans
went haywire after his detention.

His daily communications with his parents stopped on 24 March. His
father, Nick, filed a lawsuit on 5 April stating Berg was being
held illegally by the US military in Iraq. The next day Berg was

Berg's body is in Kuwait. It will be flown to Germany and then to
Dover Air Force Base in Delaware.


Wednesday 12 May 2004, 12:12 Makka Time, 9:12 GMT

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