Die Leserbriefe zu U.Avnery: Israel vor dem Buergerkrieg?

von m.blumentritt » Freitag, 29. Oktober 2004

What Civil War?
RoyS, TLV(2004-10-25 19:00:53.217 EST)
The talk about civil war was invented by the extreme right, intended to
scare the pro-disengagement majority. Most of those against disengagement
are part of the 'democratric right', able to accept the decisions taken.
What's left is a small fraction within the anti-disengagement camp ready for
violence. That's not a civil war between pro- and anti-disengament camp -
that's Israeli democracy taking care of some lawless extremists.

Choni, Durban(2004-10-25 11:03:58.687 EST)
And Mr Avneri my wife says for you to piss off

5. Upside Down
Choni, Durban(2004-10-25 11:02:01.857 EST)
B/H If we would have listened to G-d and banished the Ishmaelites ater
the miraculous victory in 1967 then we would have had a true peace. Instead
we foolishly let them stay in our Land ,against the word of G-d. That , Mr.
Avnery ,is the cancer (and people like you)

Anders, Sweden(2004-10-25 07:07:16.263 EST)
As one who is familiar with the settler movement and very supportive of
it I can say that Avnery's (who's on the extreme left by the way) is
inciting against the settlers. No settler wants a civil war. No settler
wants to raise his hand against another Jew except for a few crazies who
would target tyrannical leaders such as Sharon who doesn't listen to anyone
and who clearly doesn't have a mandate to implement the Disengagement plan.

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