Nazi-Zionist Collaboration. Contents, Foreword etc.

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Nazi-Zionist Collaboration
1. Foreword by BAZO-PS
2. Authors' Preface
3. Proof of Evidence
4. Introduction
5. Jewish Community Reactions
6. What is Collaboration?
7. Hannah Arendt
8. The Kastner Case
9. The Background to Collaboration
10. Closing the Doors
11. A Deliberate, Consistent and Successful Policy
12. Betrayal in the Ghettoes
13. Zionism in Germany
14. Conclusion
15. Notes
16. Appendices

1. Foreword by BAZO-PS
The British Anti-Zionist Organisation/Palestine Solidarity (BAZO-PS) was
founded in 1975 by, mostly, young people tended to concentrate its
activities in support of the PLO by exposing the imperialist nature of the
Zionist enemy which was, and still is, standing against Palestinian
self-determination. At that time, the leadership of the Organisation had
little real understanding of the nature of the Zionist State and the
mechanisms by which Zionism strives to retain political control over the
indigenous Jewish communities throughout the world. Such understandings
were simply beyond us then. However, we did notice one consistent Zionist
theme, which was this: Whenever the Zionist State is in political trouble
either by being progressively isolated in the UN by the Afro-Asian bloc or
when under tactical pressure from its friends in Western Europe to "see
sense" and agree to the formation of Palestinian Bantustan on the West Bank
and Gaza, it resorts to its favourite excuse and raison d'etre viz. "The
State of Israel is the homeland of the Jewish People" and "The only way to
prevent a second Holocaust is to defend the State against the world if

Using such "justifications" Begin and his Nazi-like friends
indiscriminately bomb the Lebanon and selectively murder their political
opponents throughout the world. All in the name of protecting Jewry.

There was a time in the history of BAZO-PS when we had little to say about
the murder of millions of people by the Hitlerite Nazis, other than
completely opposing it as is expected of any anti-racist organisation. As
for the disgraceful Zionist attempts to utilise the tragedy of the
Holocaust to boost the political prestige of "Israel", we merely restricted
ourselves to noting that Nazism was a European phenomenon and that the
Palestinian Arabs, having no complicity in the murder of European Jewry,
should not have been penalized by having their homeland occupied by
European colonial settlers. In a word, if a Zionist State was to be
established (which as an anti-racist group we disagree with *in
principle*), then it should have been established on the European lands of
the Nazi exterminators, and not on Palestinian lands. The opportunist
attempts to exploit the tragedy of the Holocaust in the service of Zionist
"Israel" by promoting the film series of the same name was the breaking
point with BAZO-PS.

The film series caused us to reconsider the accepted (Zionist) history of
the tragedy. In this we were encouraged by our Orthodox Jewish colleagues
of Neturei Karta who have been struggling against all manifestations of
Zionist interference in the life of the Jewish communities. We imported and
publicized their book, "The Holocaust Victims Accuse" written by Rabbi
Moshe Shonfeld, throughout Britain. At one point, an advert for the book
was refused publication by the pro-Zionist periodicals, the "Jewish
Chronicle" and "Jewish Echo". The reader might well ask why such papers
should refuse to accept a paid advert for a book which deals with the
Holocaust from the Orthodox Jewish point of view and which was written by
an Orthodox rabbi? In addition, our Organization suddenly found itself
exposed to a major slander campaign financed by "Israeli" money: our
members were termed "anti-semites" except when they were of a Jewish origin
they were characterized as "self-haters".

Since our initial baptism in such vicious slander we have read more and
more about the situation surrounding the tragedy of the Holocaust. So much
so that we are now capable of understanding the symbiotic relationship
between Zionism and anti-semitic Nazism. In Britain we are now the foremost
accusers of Zionist-Nazi collaboration and we mean to prove our views to
the public. In this context we are convinced that the following pamphlet,
"Zionist-Nazi Collaboration", which was written by our colleagues of the
"Jews Against Zionism and Anti-semitism" (JAZA) in Australia and which was
submitted in evidence in support of the community 3CR radio in Australia,
says it all. 3CR radio was accused by Zionist sympathizers of being
anti-semitic by transmitting pro-Palestine broadcasts. The so-called
"Victoria Jewish Board of Deputies" long since dominated by pro-Zionist
political attitudes complained about the 3CR's exposure of the Zionist-Nazi
collaboration issue. In view of the fact that the truth of the matter has
been extensively verified by anti-racist organisations over the past two
decades, yet public awareness of the issue is, to say the least,
non-existant, we have no hesitation in publishing this JAZA document in
Britain with their permission and in cooperation with AZAN (Anti-Zionists
Against the Nazis).

It is in the interests of Zionist to hush up the whole matter, yet the
issue keeps coming to the fore in the most unlikely journals. For example,
the respected and widely-read magazine "History today" ran what it
described as a "fascinating" article by Dr. Jacob Boas entitled "A Nazi
Goes to Palesine" in its January, 1980 issue.

This brought the predictable and dreary outcry from Zionist agents in this
country. But the truth will come out. Even the pro-Zionist "Jewish
Chronicle" ran a three-part series entitled "Holocaust - The Hidden Truth".
Dubbed "a disturbing and startling enquiry", its author and so-called
expert, Walter Laqueur purported to investigate "how the news of the 'Final
Solution' became known to, and was dealt with by, the leaders of world

Needless to say our Mr. Laqueur stayed far away from any suggestion of
Zionist-Nazi collaboration which resulted in his series being rather
contradictory. Our attempt at unravelling Mr. Laqueur's contradictions,
which took the form of a letter to the "Jewish Chronicle" was ignored.
Understandably from a Zionist's point of view.

Well Zionism may decide it could ignore our letter, but we will see if it
can ignore this pamphlet. It is our view that only a dishonest person can
read this pamphlet through to the end, with all its evidences, and still
support racist Zionism.


2. Authors' Preface
Readers solely interested in the historical question of Zionist-Nazi
collaboration could start reading from chapter 8, "The Kastner Case".
However, the earlier sections are of some interest in describing how a
typical Zionist "campaign" works and why many Jews and others are deceived
into supporting them. So this submission to the Australian Broadcasting
Tribunal is reprinted here unchanged except for minor sub-editing and the
addition of reference notes.

Community Radio "3CR" in Melbourne, Australia, is a federation of many
affiliates with varying political views. It is biased towards the working
class and opposed to imperialism and racism. Therefore, Zionist
organisations are refused affiliation or air time.

Anti-Zionist affiliates such as the Palestine-Australia Solidarity
Committee and the Palestine Arab Club are allowed to broadcast their views

Unable to accept this open reversal of the usual situation, the Zionist
movement through the "Victorian Jewish Board of Deputies" launched an
extremely vicious smear campaign against Radio 3CR. This centred on
allegations of "anti-semitism", but also "terrorism" and all the rest of

Since 3CR is entirely self-supporting and has a public and democratic
decision-making process, the normal means of pressure and manipulation did
not work, although they did do a great deal of damage and exacerbated the
station's internal problems. Consequently, an all-out campaign was launched
in the Australian media which resulted in a public enquiry by the
Australian Broadcasting Tribunal into whether the station's licence to
broadcast should be revoked. The Zionist "Victoria Jewish Board of
Deputies" claimed at this enquiry that allegations of "Nazi-Zionist
Collaboration" during the Holocaust were the most offensive material
broadcast by 3CR affiliates, being simply a paranoid anti-semitic
conspiracy theory intended to bait the Melbourne Jewish Community.

The only "evidence" submitted by the VJBD to refute such broadcasts was a
brief statement by a Melbourne University academic, Dr. John Foster. We
have reprinted this statement in full in Appendix A, since reference is
made to it in this booklet and readers should be able to judge for
themselves what weighty arguments for censoring radio broadcasts were being
replied to. Although evidence by rabbis Levi and Grutnick, Mr. Bloch and
other VJBD witnesses has been referred to in passing, they are not
reprinted here as they were simply expressing general outrage and did not
even attempt to refute specific allegations. To substantiate the broadcasts
"Jews Against Zionism and Anti-semitism", another 3CR affiliate, prepared a
detailed study on "Nazi-Zionist Collaboration".

This submission was prepared rather hurriedly, and specifically for the
public enquiry into 3CR, rather than as a comprehensive survey of the
question. Nevertheless, we are reprinting it here unchanged except for
minor sub-editing and the edition of reference notes. Although by no means
comprehensive, the evidence submitted by JAZA was apparently sufficient for
the VJBD to decide it did not want a public enquiry into these allegations
at any cost.

As explained in Appendix B, the VJBD withdrew from the enquiry with none of
its demands met, after a unilateral declaration by Radio 3CR, which
reaffirmed its original position (Appendix C).

For more than a year since then, anti-Zionist broadcasts by 3CR affiliates
have continued unchanged and Zionists have been given no right of reply. So
far the Zionists have done nothing to resume their media campaign against
3CR, and VJBD President, Arnold Bloch has resigned his position.

Since the same allegations have been repeated on the air many times, there
is no doubt that Zionists still find them "offensive". But they no longer
want a public enquiry into them. Anyone reading this book will understand

In addition to the "Nazi-Zionist Collaboration" material, JAZA and other
3CR affiliates presented a good deal of material on other aspects of
Zionism, substantiating broadcasts alleging that it is a racist movement
and so forth. This included some material on the history of Zionism, and
how it came to dominate Jewish communities, and particular reference to the
role played by "left-wing Zionism" in confusing the issues.

Some of this material is being prepared for publication by BAZO-PS and will
appear as a separate book.

Many people, both in JAZA and outside it assisted in preparing this
material and commenting on it. Most will have to remain nameless for
various reasons (including Zionist terrorism)

Mention should be made of the assistance of Frans Timmermann in sub-editing
and preparing the reference notes and, of course, BAZO-PS for retyping,
publishing and distributing. A further edition is planned for wider
circulation and dealing with Nazi-Zionist Collaboration in its own right,
quite apart from the 3CR enquiry. Any comments and suggestions should be
sent urgently to:

P.O. Box 165
Victoria 3053, Australia

Other enquiries about JAZA and new members are also welcome.
(NOTE: As this pamphlet was published over 10 years ago, the above address
might be outdated - ED)

Finally, questions have been raised about reference to Jews as an ethnic or
national minority group rather than simply as adherents of a particular
religion. These questions come from PLO supporters as well as the usual
queries from Zionists as to how some JAZA members can call themselves Jews
if they are not Zionists and not religious. This is an important issue
which has a bearing on the future status of Israeli Jews in a democratic
solution to the Palestine problem.

Space precludes a proper analysis here, but a few words are necessary. Most
of the people in countries like Australia and the USA who are generally
called "Jews" are more accurately "people of Jewish origin". Most are
already quite fully assimilated into the nations in which they live but
they still retain some specifically "Jewish" cultural characteristics which
have very little to do with religion.

What they have in common is not membership of the mythical Zionist
"world-wide Jewish Nation" but parents, grandparents or great grandparents
who once spoke the Yiddish language and were part of recognized national
minorities in Eastern European countries like Poland and Russia (this, of
course, has nothing to do with 'race'). A comparison could be made with
people of Gypsy origin (another European minority people who were wiped out
by the Nazis). But it is quite misleading, and plays into the hands of
Zionism, to define Jews by "religion" as the only alternative to Zionism.

7 June 1979

Detailed contents
1. Introduction

2. Jewish Community Reactions
2.1 Anti-semitism and Anti-Zionism
2.2 How Zionists stir up hostility to 3CR
2.3 How Zionist misrepresentation of 3CR can be effective

3. What is Collaboration?

4. Hannah Arendt
4.1 Zionist Emigration and Gestapo Expulsion
4.2 The Jewish Councils
4.3 The Zionist Response to Arendt
4.4 The Campaign Backfires

5. The Kastner Case
5.1 Introduction
5.2 The Accusations
5.3 The Verdict
5.4 The Reaction
5.5 The Majority Judgement
5.6 The Minority Judgement
5.7 Conclusion

6. The Background to Collaboration
6.1 Failure to Support Resistance
6.2 Extremist Zionists and the Axis
6.3 The Haganah Reports to Eichmann
6.4 Zionist Priorities During the Holocaust
6.5 Suppressing the News
6.6 Zionist Leaders Admit Inactivity
6.7 A Message Zionist Leaders Ignored
6.8 Other Zionists Accuse
6.9 The Very Existence of the 'Jewish Agency' helped the Nazis

7. Closing the Doors
7.1 Britain
7.2 The USA
7.3 Sweden
7.4 Selectivity
7.5 Australia

8. A Deliberate, Consistent and Successful Policy
8.1 Choosing Between the Jews and the Jewish State
8.2 The Jewish Agency Murders Jewish Refugees
8.3 Continuing Zionist Threats to Jews
8.4 A Successful Policy
8.5 Honourable Human Behaviour and the State of Israel

9. Betrayal in the Ghettoes
9.1 Jakob Gens
9.2 Most Collaborators were Zionists
9.3 Only the Zionist Parties Collaborated

10. Zionism in Germany
10.1 Opposing the Boycott
10.2 Endorsing Nazi Racialist Philosophy
10.3 Ammunition for Nazi Anti-Semitism
10.4 Assistance from the Gestapo
10.5 Zionist Takeover of the Jewish Community

11. Conclusion
11.1 Zionist Enthusiasm About the Holocaust
11.2 Is Rabbi Shonfeld Also "Offensive"?
11.3 Internationalism Versus Self Hatred

12. Notes

Appendix A: Proof of Evidence from John Harvey Foster
Appendix B: The Enquiry That Never Was
Appendix C: Unilateral Declaration by Radio 3CR

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